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Shaving Soap Kit With Organic Shave Soap


Cherokee Botanical Shaving Cream with razor, brush, cup and cloth

We have created an organic shaving soap that causes your shaver to glide across your face or whatever you want shaved. Our test have revealed no razor burns.  Our exclusive shaving soap is also great for people suffering from acne, rashes, fungus, ringworm, eczema and psoriasis. Our shaving soap contains palm oil, palm kernal oil, allantoin, charcoal, bentonite clay, neem oil, tamanu oil, coconut oil and Peppermint Essential Oil. (Your choice of Essential Oil available)

Our special skin healing shaving soap comes in a wide mug with a handle, Wash cloth,  a razor with 5 replacement blades and the cutest little soap brush you ever saw!  Introductory price of $20.00

 Just wet your soap brush and twirl it in the compound for 5 or 8 seconds before applying to the area to be shaved.