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Granny's Boo Boo Salve 4 ounces


The photo is my Granny, Salley Annie with her youngest of 15 children, my mom, Annie Grace and her oldest , Aunt Lilly Mae

My grandmother was an Eastern Band Cherokee Healer. She belonged to the Tsalegi Paint Clan. In fact, there are many in my family that are in the medical field.  Granny would make a salve that seemed to work on any injury that any of us would substain. I was fortunate to receive many of Grannies formulas. My mother made this one so much, I feel like I could make it in my sleep. This salve was applied to bruises, broken bones, congested chests, pulled muscles and tendons, sore backs, injured shoulders and almost every injury.  Mom did change one ingredient. She swapped bear grease for bacon fat. I changed bacon fat to shea butter. I have used beas wax. Still works!  Mom said that she did not have to store it in the fridge, but it seemed to feel better on the injury when it was applied cold. 

4 Ounces of Granny's Boo Boo Salve $20.00